We Got The Beat: CNP’s Greatest Hits From the 2018 ADDY Awards

We’re so excited! (And we just can’t hide it.) Last week, our crew attended the 2018 ADDY Awards, hosted by AAF Polk County at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland.

An annual event to honor excellence in advertising, The ADDYs offer local industry pros an opportunity to get our fancy on and celebrate the area’s raddest creative work.

With the exception of the unnerving “MUST BE BORN BEFORE 1997” sign posted at each bar, this year’s totally awesome theme brought us back to a time when shoulder pads, teased-to-high-hell hair and Tom Cruise were all perfectly normal. Gotta love the 80s.

Ninety-nine luftballons and several Pop Rock Watermelontinis later, we were thrilled to walk away with a righteous haul that included six Gold ADDYs, 10 Silvers ADDYs and a “Best in Category” Benny for the CNP Brand.

It’s always an honor to be recognized by your talented peers for the work you do—especially when it’s for clients you love. Thanks for giving us the chance to take our passion and make it happen every day. You all deserve a power ballad.

Check out our new wave of ADDYs wins below.

  • Benny for CNP Brand House
  • Gold for University of the Ozarks Scout Book
  • Gold for CNP Brand House
  • Gold for University of the Ozarks Scout Book Copy
  • Gold for University of the Ozarks Admission Box
  • Gold for PSC Eileen Holden Celebration Invite
  • Gold for CNP Prospectus
  • Silver for City of Winter Haven Website
  • Silver for Orchard Website
  • Silver for CAMPUS Credit Union “In It For You” Campaign
  • Silver for Aktana Event Campaign
  • Silver for PSCF Joggin’ for the Noggin
  • Silver for PSCF Wine for Wisdom Invite
  • Silver for Polk County Tourism & Sports Marketing Mini Vacation Guide Copy
  • Silver for Adams Estate Logo
  • Silver for Advanced Eyecare Associates Logo
  • Silver for Polk County Tourism & Sports Marketing Mini Vacation Guide

In Defense of Deliberate Design

It’s a tempting proposition. For a few minutes of your time and a couple hundred dollars or less, you can have a new logo delivered to your inbox at Amazon Prime speeds. The commoditization of design—and, let’s face it, most services in our industry—is everywhere. As a graphic designer, I’m often asked, “But really, what’s the difference?”

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Duplicate Content: Menace or Meh?

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In the SEO world we have quite a few debates like that, and one of our most hot-button issues is duplicate content.

Clients often ask, “Is duplicate content something we really need to worry about?”

As with so many things in life, the answer isn’t black and white. While duplicate content isn’t as bad as some shady SEO practitioners make it out to be, it’s certainly not as good as those selling duplicate content claim—and rarely is it part of a great businesses marketing strategy.

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How to DIY a Respectable Headshot with Your Phone

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How We Make the Big Idea Happen

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The truth is a lot less romantic and always involves 99 percent Thomas Edison-like perspiration. Big ideas are more likely to emerge when a group of passionate, fearless and creative people – focused on a common challenge – generate lots of smaller ideas that in many cases can add up to something truly unique, remarkable, relevant … and big. Continue Reading

Want Great Work? Start by Falling in Love with the Problem

Whether you’re a designer or a developer, working in an agency boils down to solving problems. (How can we get people to buy more? Click more? Share more? You get the idea.) Ideally, this is a two-step process:

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Solve the problem.

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Creating a Bulletproof Brand Guide

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