Shannon Viox

Production Designer

Shannon is a production designer who brings her whimsical thoughtfulness and unbelievably perfect handwriting to every project that comes her way.

She joined CNP in 2015, just a few short weeks after snagging her BA in graphic design and advertising. Today, she’s our secret weapon for any work that cries out for custom illustrations (and the crafty genius behind our best office cartoons). As a production designer, Shannon deftly juggles multiple projects at once, helping her fellow designers get every piece out the door on time. When she’s not experimenting with new design techniques, you’ll probably find Shannon on an outdoor adventure with her canine sidekick, Sparky.

10 Random Things
  • I like big books and I cannot lie. 
  • I believe in the healing power of sweat, laughter and bananas.
  • When people tell me stories of their kids, I try to relate with stories of my dog.
  • The only tattoo I think I’d never regret would be a classic mom tattoo, as sported by all the burly cartoon dudes. Mom is always worth it.
  • I’m a total pluviophile. Stormy days are my favorite. 
  • More space exploration, I say!
  • I’m queen of the office popcorn machine.
  • Ohio with my family = my happy place.
  • It doesn’t matter how high the SPF is if you don’t reapply. Take it from a strawberry who knows.
  • My pride is in perfect handwriting. It takes me a long time to take notes, but at least it looks like I typed it.