Victoria Gauthier

Spurred on by the Ennio Morricone in her headphones, Victoria spends most of her day finding the best way to say something. With an English degree and a few recession-induced internships under her belt, she joined CNP as a Copywriter in 2013. Armed with the uncanny ability to find anything interesting, she’s our go-to for translating complex industry speak into clever copy. When she’s not scribbling away, you’ll likely find Victoria with an MFK Fisher book in one hand and a fat Maine Coon in the other. (If she had a third hand, it would definitely be clutching a gin martini.)

10 Random Things

  • My first job out of college was on a vineyard in the south of France with my now-husband. (Side note: please Google raclette.)
  • James Thurber is my role model. RuPaul is my hero.
  • I am godmother to The Greatest donkey – Cassius Clay. We trained him to do tricks using a Staples “Easy” button.
  • I think rewatching The Sopranos in its entirety is an incredible use of time.
  • And stumbling across an episode of Dateline narrated by Keith Morrison is a gift.
  • I spent 4 months living in Peru while I figured out that I wanted to switch majors from chemistry to English. I think that even makes the liberal arts gods a little nauseous.
  • I went skydiving before I could be convinced to get on a roller coaster.
  • I love onions to that point that I hung pictures of them in my dorm in a totally unironic way.
  • I was kicked off a go kart track in France for being a danger to other drivers because I was that bad at driving.
  • I skipped second grade and had to teach myself cursive over the summer so that I wouldn’t be the third grade D’Nealian n00b. I want those hours back.