Joe Cruz

Technical Director

Joe is a multidisciplinary technologist with more than a decade of experience in application and web development. In his current role as solutions architect, Joe oversees our digital projects and ensures that they’re built to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

10 Random Things
  • I’ve written some satirical articles for the website The Hard Times. I got to submit some jokes to the Onion, but never made it past the first step.
  • I played synthesizers in a pop-punk band for 10 years. We weren’t very good and you’ve never heard of us.
  • I am always the first person to leave a party.
  • I was one of only six students who did not utilize Senior Skip Day in high school. I still regret it today.
  • I accidentally bumped into J.J. Abrams at a Star Wars convention and was so starstruck that I couldn’t think of anything to say.
  • My favorite people on this planet are a copywriter named Kaley and a dog named Pippa.
  • I have never given up on my dream of being a late-night talk show host.
  • I used to be able to read and write Latin pretty fluently, but have completely forgotten it.
  • I have never experienced snow.
  • I saw the 2021 movie adaptation of Dune in theaters 13 times. As a result, I never want to see it ever again.