Cathy Howard

Sr. Graphic Designer

Rock-steady and ever-ready to whip up dazzling layouts at a moment’s notice, Cathy is the steadfast anchor of our production team.

With 40 years in the graphic design game, she’s literally got industry experience by the score. In fact, Cathy’s been at CNP almost as long as we’ve been in business, which should tell you just how phenomenal she is at her job. (Our clients will tell you that she’s also a pleasure to work with.) A card-carrying member of Florida Professional Photographers, Cathy’s passion for the art of image enhancement is only matched by her love of lazy afternoons on the Rainbow River.

10 Random Things
  • When I was a kid I wanted to be a cowboy or a mermaid.
  • Started kayaking about two years ago and love the sport.
  • Read lots of books … especially ones by Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, Tom Corcoran, James W. Hall, Michael Connelly, Janet Evanovich and Randy Wayne White.
  • Favorite place in the world … on the Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida.
  • Have a pet rock named “Rocky,” who found me.
  • Enjoy my music live, independent and varied.
  • Think Folk Music Festivals are awesome.
  • Own a lot of tie-dyed clothing .
  • Have two good friends who are real dogs.
  • When I was a six-year-old kid, my Dad often let me sit on a very large Brahman Bull named George.