Anne Powell

Partner / Art Director

Anne is a plugged-in, nose-to-the-grindstone, laser-focused graphic design pro who gives 100% every day to make sure clients are always in the right place – their happy place.

She also manages to carve out time to function as an CNP agency partner, vice-president and account executive on the agency’s key accounts. Anne holds a BA in Graphic Design from UF and usually drips orange and blue on football season Fridays. Relevantly fun fact: she never drops the ball on finding new ways to make clients smile with satisfaction.

10 Random Things
  • I am a weather junkie.
  • I am a Cheap Sister.
  • I’m not nosey, just interested.
  • My first name is Lauline – after my grandmother.
  • I don’t like to write, but some of my best friends are copywriters. Hmmmm … and I especially don’t like to write about myself.
  • My favorite saying is “Where you go, there you are.”
  • My #2 favorite saying is “We all want too much of what we don’t need.”
  • I wish I were more adventurous.
  • My dad has been in the drive-in theater business for more than 57 years.
  • Some days I think I have come to my last idea, but somehow there always seems to be one more.