We go home thinking about how to make our design concepts stand out more, which headlines will speak best to a brand’s position and what we can do to provide amazing results with each project we take on – we’re living our work every day of the week. It’s not necessarily something we can turn off and, as we all do, we tend to find ways to free up some mental storage space from time to time. 

Frisbee has become a “thing” for us at CNP (innocent bystanders should be warned to keep an eye out for fly-away frisbees in Winter Haven’s Central Park). Almost every day a good number of us in the office take a few minutes to go outside, run around like fools and have a great time together.

Sure, there are plenty of studies that say taking breaks are important to increase productivity, how it beats stress and makes it more likely for us to want to work even harder – but at the end of the day it’s just the right thing to do. Seeing each other in the light of day, laughing hysterically when I slip and fall on my ass, and taking in the fresh air makes for both a way to blow off steam and build bridges between our always-growing creative team. If you need to toss around some ideas, you should join us someday – you know where to find us!