Alex Nikdel

Partner / President

In a previous life, Alex worked as an industrial engineer for the world’s most famous Mouse. Today, he’s the President and big-picture thinker for another magic kingdom—CNP.

Since his arrival in 2009, Alex’s penchant for process efficiency and digital marketing chops have helped CNP evolve from a print-predominant shop to a more digitally focused agency (and triple in size along the way). A consultant at heart, Alex has never been the “mind your own business” type. Lucky for all involved, he puts his knack for sussing out obstacles and opportunities to good use as the first point of contact for new clients. In a perfect world, Alex’s life would look like a Jimmy Buffet song, the Gators would never lose and nobody would use those tiny business cards.

10 Random Things
  • I am over 6-and-a-half feet tall. No, I didn’t play basketball. Yes, the weather is just fine up here.
  • When I was in second grade, I chipped a tooth on a girl’s head.
  • I was raised on a Mac, then converted to Windows for about 7 years and am now happily using a MacBook Pro.
  • I am a rabid Florida Gator fan. A local news channel documented my cross-country road trip to the UF National Championship game.
  • I’ve been in the Magic Kingdom tunnels and once took a parking tram on a joyride.
  • I love to play golf but am terrible at it.
  • I am a TiVo evangelist. Everyone I’ve ever lived with has bought a TiVo after I (or they) moved out.
  • My wife and I got engaged at Mallory Square in Key West. We both love the water, a well-spiced Bloody Mary and Jimmy Buffett. Married 4.2.11. One adorable child – Tucker.
  • I love to ski on both water and snow.
  • I hate it when people make bad jokes about boat ownership.