Emelie Pineda

Visual Designer

Creating something amazing and influencing people with design is Emelie’s calling.

A giggle box who thoroughly enjoys a good laugh, she brings zest and original style to every collaboration sesh. Emelie focuses on the end-user, getting to know each side of the business and lending her designer’s eye. She can’t resist true crime podcasts, and her bookshelves rival the speedreaders of the world, with more than a hundred new titles per year.

10 Random Things
  • I have a rescue dog named Waldo. He found me.
  • I never learned to ride a bike.
  • I’m a huge fan of Audible! The goal is to listen to and read at least 100 books per year.
  • My greatest fear is butterflies. They are flying worms, and it’s terrifying.
  • My kryptonite is eggs; if they touch me I start to die.
  • I own too many shoes—it’s an ongoing problem that I don’t intend on solving.
  • I LOVE pineapples. They are my spirit fruit!
  • I make my own Disney ears. They are a little over the top!
  • I like to travel and get lost on purpose. It always leads to interesting places with unforgettable people.
  • I’m originally from Jersey; you can tell by the way I drive and say the word ‘coffee’.