Rachel Newell

Creative Director

Rachel is a curious, seasoned creative with a can-do spirit whose talent for collaboration and solving complex problems helps guide her team through each new marketing challenge.

She spent her early career on Madison Ave and is excited to return to her home state and Southern roots. Her foundation is in graphic design, and she gets down to business by applying her nerdy tech brain (she solves puzzles for fun!). Her strength is connecting with clients and learning how each industry works to better exceed expectations. Rachel believes the people make the projects most memorable and loves being inspired by others and surprised by the final product, no matter how large or small.

10 Random Things
  • Freshly made miso soup is the best.
  • I have taken the Driver License Test in both Florida and New York.
  • My Southern accent hails from central Tennessee.
  • In the third grade, I learned how to fold a paper cup and remember how to this day.
  • I lived in NYC for a handful of years. It was fun.
  • My middle name is Lee. I somehow made it through my childhood not being called “Rachel Lee.”
  • When I travel to new places, I love to go grocery shopping. Seeing what is available and how they set up the store tells a lot about the community there.
  • I enjoy commuting via bicycle. I wish there were more bike lanes.
  • I preferred toasted bread for my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • I look forward to seeing the new opening title graphics for SNL each season.