Jarrett Smith

Partner / VP Strategy

Jarrett is a Partner, our Digital Director and tactical torchbearer for all things web-related.

Since joining CNP in 2014, he’s made it his mission to help clients seize the power of smarter marketing strategies—and reap the financial rewards. Equal parts straight-shooting pragmatist and stalwart business advocate, clients can count on him to be a faithful steward of their brand and their budget. When he’s not managing web projects at CNP, Jarrett manages to put in a healthy amount of practice at jiu jitsu class.

10 Random Things
  • For the most part, my idea of fun involves things that are really only fun in retrospect. I’ve completed the Goruck Challenge twice and walked 35 miles in a day as part of Ruck Across America. I’m also a certified CrossFit instructor, which really isn’t even fun in retrospect.
  • I grew up within a mile of my wife, went to the same elementary, high school, and college, and had a ton of mutual friends, but didn’t meet her until we were both teachers at the same school.
  • I’d say I’m a pretty mediocre musician, but somehow I was a member of a couple of notable central Florida bands. It’s what liberal arts majors do.
  • As a teenager, I won state medals in road cycling for the time trial, criterium, and road race. Yes, that involved a significant amount of spandex.
  • I’ve got an uncontrollable sweet tooth, and I’m an unapologetic key lime pie snob. Nellie and Joe’s, folks, Nellie and Joe’s…
  • I’m an Eagle Scout, and I’ve got the knot-tying chops to prove it. You should also know I almost always have a compass in my backpack. Don’t ask.
  • I used to guide backpacking trips in New Mexico, and spent a month with the National Outdoor Leadership School, learning how to navigate glaciers and climb very, very big rocks in the Pacific Northwest.
  • I’m the father of two rowdy, handsome, and endlessly energetic boys that say things like, “This bird will explode your mind.”
  • Personally, I’m in favor of the Oxford comma.
  • I’m pretty sure there’s no situation in life that can’t be made better by week on the Appalachian Trail. That or AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top” cranked up to 11.