Ashley Kesselring

Account Executive

Ashley is an organized and enthusiastic client advocate who brings a wealth of marketing and communications experience to our team. Her areas of expertise include brand and communications strategy, budget management, education marketing, and the development and launch of integrated campaigns.

10 Random Things
  • I love the outdoors. When the mountains call, I go.
  • My golden retriever is my whole heart. I don’t think I could ever have too many of them.
  • Chipotle is my life — I seriously eat there like once a week.
  • I love a good Crocs-and-socks moment. It’s the epitome of comfort.
  • Unlike my AE counterpart Kayla, I don’t have any tolerance for spicy food.
  • I’m a history buff and an avid reader. Historical fiction is my comfort genre; I even collect vintage Nancy Drew books.
  • My North Carolina heart misses the fall colors every October and November, but then winter comes and I’m happy to be a Florida girl.
  • In school, I wasn’t a fan of Spanish class. Joke’s on me: my husband is from Chile, and now I could actually use it.
  • The Office and Parks and Rec are my go-to shows. I can watch them on repeat. It’s the Seinfeld of my generation.
  • Nothing hits like some classic Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears or NSYNC music.