Kendra Kramer

Director of Client Services

Kendra is a multimedia marketing maven with more than 25 years of experience cultivating client relationships and killer campaigns for brands across the country.

As Director of Client Services, she leads our all-star accounts team in identifying golden business opportunities and coordinating savvy media strategies on our clients’ behalf. A passionate believer in the power of collaboration, Kendra connects the dots between creative teams and campaign tactics to deliver standout work with substantial results. When she’s not going to bat for our clients, you’ll likely find Kendra cheering her boys (or the KC Royals) on to victory.

10 Random Things
  • Whenever I make lasagna, I declare it is by far the best one I’ve ever made.
  • I’m a germ freak and have been known to use an entire can of Lysol in one spraying if germs are near.
  • I once got a speeding ticket in a school zone…for a school for the blind. (Yeah, I know. What was I thinking?)
  • I am incredibly blessed with my two boys who are amazing teenagers and my husband of over 26 years. Boys are the best!
  • I can’t decide between a beach house or a house in the North Carolina mountains. Guess I’ll go with both—a girl can dream!
  • Free time? I’m a baseball mom, basketball mom and any-other-sport-they-choose-to-play mom. I now know that I have the stamina to spend 16 hours in one day at the ballpark in 100-degree heat. (Okay, so I might have complained a little, but one day I’m gonna miss all this.)
  • Growing up my family attended KC Royals baseball games regularly. Yep, I was Raised Royal!
  • Finding a good farm-to-table restaurant in the various cities I visit is a must.
  • I love being out on the water and dream of owning a fleet of boats that serve coffee. Just call me the Barista of the Sea. Can I get a branding package for that?
  • I love to laugh until I cry!