Josh Nederveld

Full Stack Engineer

Process improvement isn’t Josh’s middle name, but it probably should be. Whether he’s developing a custom WordPress plugin or crafting a jaw-dropping UX in record time, you can bet that Josh won’t just get the job done—he’ll find a better way to do it. A graduate of UF, Josh joined CNP as a Front-End Developer in 2011. Since then, he’s become our tried-and-true source for ultra-responsive web design, break-out dev techniques and afternoon Frisbee fun.

10 Random Things
  • If I keep saying random things that you don’t understand, you’re not crazy, I’m just making movie references. Probably.
  • I own a kilt. My wife allows me to wear it when hiking and on St. Patrick’s Day, but not while mowing the lawn.
  • Getting on Jeopardy before Trebek retires is pretty high on my to-do list.
  • I like rocking out to Johnny Cash, Gaelic Storm and crazy banjo music.
  • There will never be enough books. Also, ebooks are for lazy people, #getoffmylawn #rabblerabble
  • I have a harmonica named Sheila.
  • Trains are awesome, and anyone who says otherwise is selling something.
  • I could talk shop about Halo tactics for hours, and have.
  • I still love writing and keep notes on everything so that I can get around to it, eventually.
  • I’m always up for an Adventure, and I’m pretty much always on one.