The point being: When developing a branded campaign that includes multiple tactics, make sure your top-line content works in the smallest or most confining space first.

If you get excited about a big, elaborate message and design execution that only works in a big space, you’ll be in tight spot when it comes time to create the web ad, outdoor board, mobile site or :30 second TV spot.

Shrinking is hard. Expanding is easier.

Of course, branding assumes repetition of your primary message and design everywhere. This is especially crucial in a hub-and-spoke awareness campaign where the goal is to drive target audience eyeballs from paid media spokes to a website information hub. If you want to penetrate the hearts and minds of your target audience, orchestrating campaign “sameness” – even in the smallest spaces – is sort of a good idea.

The alternative? Wear a back brace and a clothespin on your nose (hot roasted peanuts might also help).