Mark’s earliest creative memory was performing exploratory surgery on his teddy bear with a Cub Scout pocket knife. After sketching and writing his way through high school and then snagging a BS in journalism from UF, he opted for an ad career. Today, Mark performs surgery on a variety of CNP client communication ailments, helping their brands achieve full health and mobility. As creative director, his main responsibilities include hiring people more talented than himself, maintaining a safe space for them to take risks and then getting the hell out of their way. Mark enjoys marathon Sunday morning bike rides, honey in his coffee, Wendell Berry short stories and, yes, living without an electric can opener.

10 Random Things

  • I see wild animals in environments where they do not belong (i.e., Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep grazing on road side in rural Mississippi). Counseling has helped.
  • During the madness of everyday life, I try to remember that flying a kite is an option.
  • When Google asks me “Did you mean?,” they’re totally missing the point.
  • I love my family more than all the stars in the sky.
  • I dream of owning a classic British motorcycle. I do not dream of dying on one.
  • After being married to the guitar for years, I am now having a steamy affair with a sweet little tenor ukulele.
  • I once violated ICC regulations by delivering boot-leg beer across state lines to Mel Tillis. It was complicated.
  • I love music, except Zydeco, which is best reserved as a CIA interrogation technique.
  • I was born without a left brain hemisphere, so don’t ask me to balance your checking account.
  • Experts have determined that my occipital protuberance is off axis by 1/2″. This explains a lot.