Mark Adkins

Creative Director

Mark’s earliest creative memory was performing exploratory surgery on his teddy bear with a Cub Scout pocket knife.

After sketching and writing his way through high school and then snagging a BS in journalism from UF, he opted for an ad career. Today, Mark performs surgery on a variety of CNP client communication ailments, helping their brands achieve full health and mobility. As creative director, his main responsibilities include hiring people more talented than himself, maintaining a safe space for them to take risks and then getting the hell out of their way. Mark enjoys marathon Sunday morning bike rides, honey in his coffee, Wendell Berry short stories and, yes, living without an electric can opener.

10 Random Things
  • I name my cars and always talk sweetly to them. Probably as a Karmic hedge against future repair bills.
  • My Sunday morning hallelujah: Getting lost on a bike trail that was never meant to be a bike trail.
  • Even if I tested positive for hemophilia, I would still sharpen my pencils with a pocket knife.
  • Family vacation life scar (Wyoming ’62)—having to ride “Ned” while wearing canvas sneakers instead of the required black & turquoise cowboy boots I had always dreamed about.
  • Since seeing the Beatles on TV in 1964, I’ve owned 52 different guitars.
  • George Harrison, the quiet Beatle, is my spirit animal.
  • My grandfather drove a truck with Elvis Presley (hero of George Harrison, btw).
  • I’d like to jam with George and Elvis in the great rock ‘n’ roll by and by.
  • I meditate early in the day so I don’t have to medicate later in the day.
  • Favorite quote: “What if you wake up some day, and you’re 65 … and you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life?” – Anne Lamott