Hey Marketers! Get Ready for the Physical Web

See how emerging Physical Web technology works and explore some of its potential uses for fun and profit.

Imagine waiting for a bus and instantly pulling up the route, schedule and arrival time for the next bus, right on your phone. Or, how about finding a lost pup and accessing an interactive dog collar with the owner’s contact information. That’s the promise of Google’s open source Physical Web project, and if it takes off, it could transform millions of everyday items like bus stops and dog collars into “smart” objects full of information and interactions.

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Treat Your SEO Keyword List Like a Pack of Wildebeest

One of the initial steps of any search engine marketing (SEO) campaign is to form a list of target keywords. Where webmasters and SEO’s often go wrong is prioritizing the highest traffic, most competitive keywords. They should learn from the lion. It always goes for the smallest and weakest first.

The lion doesn’t go and attack the biggest wildebeest in the pack. It knows that if it goes for the biggest, it could potentially yield the most meat. It also knows that such a task will, at best, just consume a lot of energy for no gain. At worst, it will get the lion trampled under the weight of a thousand panicked hooves. Continue Reading

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Smart New Travel Site Delivers Big Results

There’s no greater thrill than delivering a beautiful product that just plain delivers the goods. Whether it’s in the form of leads captured, time saved, or customers' delight, the slickest marketing in the world means nothing unless it brings home the bacon, and our new site for this luxury sports travel company does just that.

As the longest running official Tour de France tour operator, Custom Getaways creates extraordinary international travel experiences for cycling fanatics. With a badly outdated website and sophisticated competitors moving into their niche, owners Chris and Geraldine Hardy knew it was time to make a serious investment in their online marketing. Continue Reading

How Much Should Your Website Cost?

It's a surprisingly tricky question to answer, but never fear, there are answers (ish) to be had.

How much should a website cost? It’s a question we get asked fairly often. It’s also a notoriously difficult question to answer, because just like buying a house, a car, or a college education, there are countless factors that can impact the final cost. Continue Reading

4 Game-Changing Questions to Put Your Digital Marketing On Track

Digital marketing elicits more shiny-object syndrome than any other set of marketing tools. Here's how to make sure you're not wasting your time.

The digital marketing space changes at a blindingly fast pace. And while being on the look out for the next big thing is an important part of the game, it’s always good to tap the brakes on that impulse every now and then to make sure you’re not blindly wasting your time. Continue Reading

The Hub and Spoke Model for Marketing: The Wheel is Still King

No need to reinvent the wheel. It’s still awesome.

Digital footprints, driving traffic – we’re all on a mission to make our mark and constantly improve our online presences. A marketing strategy based on the Hub & Spoke model can help spread your top notch content across the web and around the (real) world. Luckily, the concept is simple. By making some simple tweaks to your advertising, marketing, PR and social media strategies, you’ll be better much equipped to manage your brand, build up its equity and expand your audience. The execution may require a little work, but the payoff is worth it in the end. Continue Reading

SEO Philosophy of Use

SEO is a turbulent river where the only constant is change. It's a frustrating truism that torments the analytical minds within the digital marketing industry. However, by abandoning the empirical and focusing on the theoretical, you realize the river has always been flowing toward the same mouth. Reflecting on this end destination can illuminate novel best practices and a map for future SEO navigation.

It’s easy to forget that philosophy and science maintain a symbiotic relationship. SEOs seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to uncover how search engines work and what the engine’s spiders are seeking. We look at the hard-coded facts of the online world. We desperately gather information from past analysis, blending it with present strategy in order to affect future outcomes. We tend to focus on the science of it all. It’s easier to comprehend, easier to target and much easier to measure. We forget to take a step back and look at the larger picture, to practice my favorite aspect of SEO – philosophy.

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How SEO is Like the Art of Bonsai

Aiming for all natural search engine optimization and organic growth? You should be. Cultivate your SEO skill-set by looking at the parallels drawn from the art of bonsai - an art where gentle guidance leads to wondrous developments.

How many times have you meandered past a juniper bush and not paid it any consideration? When have you walked by a meticulously maintained bonsai tree and failed to stop, even for just a moment, and reflect on its purpose and engage in the simplistic beauty? Exactly . . .

SEO is the art and science of tweaking a natural website to become more attractive to an expanded, collective and engaged audience. To entice this audience you need to first identify the primary source of information aggregation used over the past 20 years. Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, then you know the answer is the Internet, and that the true answer is Google. So how do you trick Google into providing preferential ranking to your website? Continue Reading

Top Tips for Social Media Branding

If you’re like me, attention to detail and a consistent, fresh look is important no matter what platform you’re using. From advertisements to flyers, and emails to social media posts, imagery is vital to sharing a message with your audience.

These visual stories help reinforce your purpose, but in an easy-to-digest way. What you share, how you share it and why it connects with your audience is the key to successful social media branding. I’ve compiled a few quick tips on on how you can apply your brand to a few of the most popular social media networks and a list of the current social media image sizes for each network. Working within these confines and knowing what’s possible and what isn’t will help you own your page by branding it effectively both visually and emotionally.  Continue Reading

4 Ways to Clean Up Your Email Marketing List

If you’re getting the itch to do some spring cleaning this season, what better place to start than with your email marketing list?

While there are many best practices to see success in any ongoing email marketing plan, one very important way to improve email deliverability, open rates and your overall return on investment is making sure you are sending to a clean list of email contacts. Think of the last time you had to clean out your inbox … I can guarantee it wasn’t a pretty sight, was it?

Now apply that to your subscribers. Yikes, right? Your subscribers are a fickle bunch, so from time to time it is important to groom your list and take a long, hard look at who you are emailing in order to improve your email campaign results and make sure your emails aren’t getting reported as spam down the road. (It may even save you money too!)

These four quick tips will leave you, and your emails, feeling fresh throughout the year:

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