AJ Heisey

Digital Marketing Strategist
How SEO is Like the Art of Bonsai

AJ is CNP’s Digital Marketing Strategist and metrics mechanic extraordinaire. Since he joined the team in 2014, AJ’s souped-up SEO strategies have helped our clients rev up their web traffic rankings in record time.

Take a look under the hood of AJ’s marketing methodology and you’ll see just what drives his best-in-class results: a high-performance blend of saintly patience and true grit. Off hours, AJ trades his dogged pursuit of quality web content for doggy pursuits on the hiking trail with his trusty rescue pup, Lily.

10 Random Things
  • I am known for having incredibly passionate and short flings with strange hobbies. I once spent nine months preparing and hand carving a longbow only to have it snap in half on the first test pull.
  • Recovering Volkswagen addict, it’s been a rough road. (I still want to buy and completely restore a Mk1 GTI.)
  • For almost a year of my childhood I refused to eat anything but frozen peas and ketchup sandwiches.
  • I can drink an entire pot of coffee and fall asleep.
  • The only sport I follow is Formula 1.
  • Ninja > Samurai
  • I dream of owning a vintage Triumph but will likely end up owning one of their modern replicas.
  • Ardbeg Uigeadail is the greatest human accomplishment. Fact.
  • The real reason I moved back to FL is because a Wawa down here sells beer.
  • I have a strange connection with foxes . . .