Katrina Hill

Director of Strategy and Media

Instead of sugarplums, Katrina dreams of slaying scary marketing problems through data-driven insight and continuous optimization.

As director of strategy and media, she oversees our talented team of digital media strategists, marketing analysts and marketing automation experts, giving them the freedom to work their magic while making sure the client’s needs are met every time. Outside office hours, you’ll likely find Katrina working on the Montessori charter school she helped start in 2016. You know, small potatoes stuff.

10 Random Things
  • My parents were told I was going to be a boy.  So, they got quite the surprise on my birthday!
  • I’m named after my grandmother, and I absolutely adore her. I hope to be just like her when I grow up.
  • I was raised a pastor’s kid in “America’s Sweetest Town,” Clewiston, FL. Clewiston has a population of less than 10,000 people.
  • My mom homeschooled my brother and me through 8th grade. (I did get to go to preschool, though.  I’m pretty sure I was an awesome line leader.)
  • I grew up involved in theatre at every possible opportunity. I once played Tigger (no you can’t see pictures), and I played Anne in a production of Anne of Green Gables. I also wrote and directed two original productions.
  • I rode in rodeos when I lived in South Florida. Barrel racing is a blast! People usually seem very surprised when I tell them this.
  • I was Miss Teen Winter Haven in 2003. The thing I most remember about that year was taking kids from low-income families shopping to buy gifts for their family members. It was the first time many of them had been able to give something to someone they loved, and it was so cool to watch!
  • My kids are my world. My daughter is a toddler who carries on a conversation like she’s a miniature adult, and my son is the most adorable little wrecking ball you’ve ever met.
  • I am incredibly gullible (and probably not so smart for putting that out there…). Growing up, my dad and brother had me convinced there were chameleon dingos in Australia.
  • I have a brown thumb. Seriously, I kill silk plants. The only thing I’ve ever successfully grown are sunflowers, and those are technically in the same family as weeds.