David Enyinnaya

Project Manager

David is a results-driven project management professional with an eye for efficiency and a wealth of marketing and operations experience. Day-to-day, he works closely with our internal teams to ensure that our clients’ digital campaigns and other strategy-focused initiatives remain on track, on time and on budget, from project intake to launch.

10 Random Things
  • Huge soccer fan. My favorite team is Liverpool FC. I played in every school team at all academic levels.
  • Love cooking, especially continental dishes. My favorite cooking page on social media is Tasty. You all need to try the one-pot, one-pan recipes.
  • My wife and I love travelling. We plan to have vacations together in at least one country from five of the seven continents. So far we have visited four countries in two continents. By myself, I have visited 12 countries in three continents.
  • Big DC fan. My favorite character is Batman, who has the best superpower in my opinion, being rich.
  • I think out loud most times. Sometimes it appears like I am talking to myself. Weird, but hey, the smartest people in the world have the same trait.
  • Fun fact: my wife and I have the same first name, Obioma (which means good heart). You can guess what we called our first baby.
  • I am one of those people who love anything UFO. From movies, to documentaries or even rumors. I consume it all.
  • I am a huge EA Sports FIFA video game player. Thought I was really good until I played against esports pro players online.
  • I went to a boarding school. It changed my life. The best part of the experience is that all my friends back then are still my friends to date; 19 years of friendship.
  • I love wearing my Nigerian attire. One day, I hope to launch a website that showcases this attire and gives people the opportunity to own a bespoke outfit.