Brittany Bramwell

Graphic Designer

Brittany designs with a keen intuition and patient approach.

A student of color theory, she has a passion for using tones and hues to convey a mood—grabbing the attention and telling a story at a glance. She makes the magic happen through collaboration with imaginative minds and ideation that’s always in step with a creative brief. Brittany’s greatest reward is feeling out what makes a client tick and complementing the uniqueness of an audience with a work of art. When she’s not painting, taking photos or learning to code, you can find her park-hopping at the Happiest Place on Earth (aka Disney).

10 Random Things
  • I am a former public school teacher.
  • I attended a school of the arts for chorus and theatre. I love all things Broadway.
  • I am a strong empath, so I always like to make sure that everyone is alright and having a good time (probably part of being a Hufflepuff).
  • I recently discovered that I love spicy food. My palate has been changed forever!
  • Disney World is my second home. I even mailed off my marriage certificate from Main Street in Magic Kingdom.
  • I have a nerdy side; I love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Firefly, etc.
  • I am currently trying to teach myself how to code. I would love to program an app that I designed.
  • I was born in Gainesville, FL and was born and raised a Gator! While I now have other allegiances to my alma mater, UCF (Go Knights!), the Gators will always have a special place in my heart.
  • I have two dogs and a cat: Bella, Hugo, and Breá.
  • I started karate in kindergarten and reached black belt competitions by middle school. I won first place in the high kick and continuous sparring competitions.