Amber Racer

SEO Strategist

Page-one SERP rankings may seem like they’re a world away, but with Amber as your guide, you’ll be there in no time. An experienced digital marketer with an extensive copywriting background, Amber’s passion for high-quality content is matched only by her dedication to helping our clients succeed. Outside the office, Amber continues to go the distance—she’s a seasoned traveler who’s been to eight countries and counting.  

10 Random Things
  • I’m from a one-stoplight town in West Virginia… take me home, country roads
  • My family won’t visit me without going to Universal Studios
  • I’m a history buff with a love of the ancient world; the past is a beautiful mystery!
  • I’ve been computer savvy since Windows 3.1 was all the rage
  • I consider myself an adept wanderer – “those who wander are not lost”
  • I’ve always had an obsession with space, which led to operating a 40-foot radio telescope
  • Reading is my pastime. Writing is my passion. And Swiftian is my favorite language.
  • Back in the day, I was a gymnast, but I’ve since moved on to ninja
  • I wrote a book once, then published it–I plan to continue using this method in the future
  • Level 9 Bard – If you’re ever in trouble, owlbear there on the double