Joe doesn’t just build websites and apps. He’s the mad scientist that brings our designers’ eye candy to functional, interactive life. (And makes sure it stays that way.) An FSU grad with a BA in Classical Civilizations and a Master’s in Information Technology, he joined the CNP team in 2015. Degrees aren’t the only things Joe collects though. When he’s not fielding last minute fix-it calls from clients, Joe enjoys alphabetizing his comic book stockpile and tending to his ever-growing menagerie of Star Wars paraphernalia.

10 Random Things

  • I played in a terrible rock band for many years.  You have never heard of it.
  • I literally bumped into JJ Abrams at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration and had nothing to say.
  • I am obsessed with alphabetically organizing all of my belongings.
  • I was one of only six students who did not utilize Senior Skip Day in high school.  I still regret it today.
  • I have very large feet for my height (size 15).
  • I trained as a lineman during the Verizon labor strike in 2011-12, but was never deployed.
  • I grew up around English Bulldogs, who are the laziest and most wonderful animals on the planet.
  • I have never given up on my dream of being a late night talk show host.
  • I am the fourth of five children.
  • I am always the first person to leave a party.