Glenn Welser

When you’ve been writing websites into existence for nearly 15 years, it shows. Part of the CNP dev team since 2011, Glenn tackles every project like it’s a puzzle to be solved—and he just found all the corner pieces. Equally at home in front-end or back-end code, he’s as versatile as an MMA fighter and just as tenacious. With a clever combination of creative logic and unflappable patience, Glenn routinely outmaneuvers any obstacles that stand in the way of project perfection (or a paintball victory, for that matter).

10 Random Things

  • Sharing a board or card game with others is one of life’s great joys.
  • I have gotten many of my office mates to try paintball and play Dungeons & Dragons.
  • 1 Dog: Cinder, 3 Cats: Alice, Olamina and Piper
  • ISTJ
  • Preferred lunch hour meals: sushi, burrito, pizza. In that order.
  • If I’m reading the news, it’s probably MMA news.
  • I enjoy reading but don’t do it enough.
  • I might have a Kickstarter problem. Ask my wife.
  • Maggie is always a werewolf.
  • If I could walk the earth like Kwai Chang Caine, I hope I could find good WiFi.