Glenn Welser

Full Stack Engineer

When you’ve been writing websites into existence for nearly 15 years, it shows.

Part of the CNP dev team since 2011, Glenn tackles every project like it’s a puzzle to be solved—and he just found all the corner pieces. Equally at home in front-end or back-end code, he’s as versatile as an MMA fighter and just as tenacious. With a clever combination of creative logic and unflappable patience, Glenn routinely outmaneuvers any obstacles that stand in the way of project perfection (or a paintball victory, for that matter).

10 Random Things
  • Sharing a board or card game with others is one of life’s great joys.
  • I have gotten many of my office mates to try paintball and play Dungeons & Dragons.
  • 1 Dog: Cinder, 2 Cats: Alice, Olamina
  • ISTJ
  • Preferred lunch hour meals: sushi, burrito, pizza. In that order.
  • If I’m reading the news, it’s probably MMA news.
  • I enjoy reading but don’t do it enough.
  • I might have a Kickstarter problem.
  • Maggie is always a werewolf.
  • If I could walk the earth like Kwai Chang Caine, I hope I could find good WiFi.