Catherine Byerly

Senior Marketing Strategist

Catherine is an experienced digital marketing professional with a deep knowledge of SEO best practices, conversion rate optimization techniques, marketing automation and content strategy. As Senior SEO Strategist, she is responsible for conducting keyword research, completing technical audits and developing organic search marketing plans to keep our clients’ websites ranking high.

10 Random Things
  • I never stop reading. From turn of the century literature to Korean manhwa to the entire Google tester instruction manual.
  • Personality tests are my jam. DiSC, MBTI, Big Five, you name it. I don’t believe in using it to put people in boxes, but I find it fascinating to consider how differently peoples’ minds work.
  • I love cooking, especially trying to recreate my favorite restaurant meals. So far I can make a mean curry, stock from scratch, and ribs. DIY sushi though, not so great: Trust a professional for that.
  • In college I won national awards on my school’s forensics team. No, not CSI forensics—it’s competitive speech and debate.
  • I love buying half-to-mostly-dead plants off the clearance rack and resurrecting them.
  • I follow Formula 1, which is international open wheel motorsport. Go Team Red Bull!
  • One winter break in college I drove from Florida to Nebraska without stopping. (Related, I’m better at driving in snow than I expected.)
  • My husband and I met in 2013 on a bus for a school trip when I thought he could be winning his argument better. In fall of 2020, we vowed to win better together forever.
  • We have a tabby, a Persian and an Aussie puppy—and, as such, three vacuum cleaners.
  • My ideal weekend is balanced: One day hiking and one day playing video games.