Catherine Byerly

Digital Marketing Strategist

When a barista brews up a blend of boundless curiosity, meticulous research and constant process improvement, the name scrawled on the outside of the cup can only be CATHERINE, CNP’s Digital Marketing Strategist and resident coffee bean fiend.

A former journalist with a strong digital background, Catherine combines a double shot of industry experience with emerging SEO trends before topping it off with a signature splash of bold experimentation. The result? Robust, full-bodied content strategies that are good to the last drop. When she’s not helping clients perk up their web presence, Catherine enjoys hiking and catching up on her favorite HBO series with her cat, Fuzzy Britches.

10 Random Things
  • I find Myers-Briggs personality typing fascinating. (I’m an INTJ.)
  • I was really into forensics in college, which is actually competitive debate and public speaking and not at all related to crime scene investigation.
  • As a cat person, I’m in the minority at CNP. I’m 100% okay with this.
  • When I was a kid, I once decided to take all the door knobs apart to see how they worked, much to the dismay of my two older sisters who then didn’t have working doors.
  • I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread the Harry Potter series. (I’ve been called the Hermione Granger of the office.)
  • National Parks are my favorite place to be, especially ones where I can climb on things.
  • I didn’t own a TV until 2016, but now I have a healthy addiction to several HBO series.
  • If there’s a turtle in the road I pull over and carry it to the other side.
  • My first experience in web development was a Sailor Moon fan site I hid from my parents.
  • Four cups of coffee is a light day.