Amanda Dunyk

Project Manager

Amanda’s warm personality and process-oriented decisiveness is how she gets projects off the ground in a New York minute. She is an experienced print producer and project manager who always helps others rise to their best abilities. Her industry experience informs how she guides projects to deliver an outstanding final product.

10 Random Things
  • I say wicked, a lot, and no I’m not from Boston, I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. Resulting in being a diehard Syracuse Basketball and Boeheim fan, and my schedule revolves around every game November through March.
  • I love being Ukrainian so no pierogi, pickle, or polka left behind!
  • Unofficially Florida’s #1 dog sitter.
  • Studied abroad in Prague and am that person that will somehow always find a way to bring that up.
  • I don’t sing karaoke, I rap it.
  • I was born two months early, resulting in my birthday being December 23. And no I don’t actually hate it and have truly embraced it after all these years.
  • I was my high school’s Senior Ball Queen and the song was none other than Free Bird.
  • Chicken wings OR ice cream? More like chicken wings THEN ice cream.
  • Notorious for quoting songs and movies.
  • My coffee order is unpredictable and can change depending on the current season or just depending on the day. However, the only constant is hot or iced, I will always drink it with a straw.