TenEleven Ventures

An Unconventional Website for an Unconventional VC Firm

Led by industry pioneers whose sole focus is helping cybersecurity entrepreneurs thrive, TenEleven Ventures stands out in a sea of Silicon Valley VC sameness. CNP created a website to match, delivering an out-of-the-box design that celebrates the firm’s passionate dedication to an unusually niche industry.

Services & Expertise Content Strategy

Industry B2B, Financial Services

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The Brief

Design a smart venture capital website that speaks to Wall Street investors and cybersecurity entrepreneurs with equal clarity and authenticity.

The Approach

Find the communication sweet spot. Keep the content smart and professional to inspire trust with investors while adding subtle design and development details to strike an empathic chord with cybersecurity entrepreneurs.

Saying “cybersecurity” without the usual (read: painfully cliche) visual language.
Appeal to one audience without alienating the other. Repeat.
Embed clever details that whisper “Hey, did we meet at BlackHat?”

Exploring Visual Languages

Without an established brand identity, we helped TenEleven explore ways to visually communicate and connect with their audience by iterating a few style tiles.

Think minimalist, not Matrix.

Ultimately, we landed on a modern interpretation of binary code, incorporating black-and-white cityscapes from funded company locations to underscore TenEleven’s global focus.

It’s all in the details

Every choice in the design (from the color palette, typography system and background patterns to a unique, interactive 404 page) was meant to give a subtle nod to the cybersecurity industry in a professional way.

“CNP took the time to understand our company and our unique position in the cyber security industry. They delivered a website that truly reflects our brand, and we're incredibly proud to show it off to the world.”
Alex Doll
Founder / Managing General Partner

The TenEleven Ventures website won a district Gold ADDY, Judge's Choice, and Best in Category at the 2016 American Advertising Awards—now moving on to regionals.