Food Partners

An International Juice Broker Gets a Fresh-Squeezed Look

Food Partners is a global fruit ingredient agent specializing in seamless logistics coordination and superior one-on-one customer service. Unlike many businesses, using a website to attract new customers wasn’t a top priority. What was? Claiming their spot in the online space with a juicy reboot that’s polished, clean and most of all—fresh. Challenge accepted.

Industry B2B

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The Brief

Replace an outdated Flash website with a vivid showstopper that encapsulates the Food Partners’ philosophy: sophisticated service that’s innovative from start to finish.

The Approach

The Food Partners handshake doesn’t just represent their commitment to service. It’s also how they win most of their business: in person.

Food Partners Logo - Revised for web

To that end, this website wouldn’t be a customer conversion workhorse. Instead, it made more strategic sense to treat this web project like a first-class digital brochure, ripe with lush imagery, punchy copy and some sweet bells and whistles.

Everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) on one elegant page
An ingredient spreadsheet reimagined as a vibrant and visually-enticing slideshow
An illustrated timeline walks customers through Food Partners’ comprehensive logistics services step-by-step

Sometimes, it’s all about presence

(and being really, really, really good looking)

Finding the sweet spot.

Exploring different creative executions to realize our client’s vision.

Scroll that sexy fruit footage

True fact: information is easier to digest when it looks good. Plus, now you know what an aronia berry looks like. (Making Carmen Miranda’s hat feel jealous was an added bonus.)

When your clients travel frequently, a site that looks great and functions perfectly on mobile is non-negotiable.

Custom interior shots add warmth and authenticity.

When your customers and suppliers are all over the world, sometimes you have to bring the office to them.

The Results

No longer restricted to desktop-only viewing by a website built on Flash, Food Partners has a revamped and responsive online presence that looks stunning on any device.
“The Food Partners website re-design project helped us assess how the business has changed in recent years, how the company provides value, and which direction to steer the proverbial ship into the future.”
Deanna Rhodes-Tanner
Founder, Food Partners

The Food Partners website won a district/state-wide Gold addy at the 2016 American Advertising Awards.