Shawn Rizer

Media Buyer

Shawn is a detail-oriented marketing professional with a strong background in budget management and planning.

He serves as our agency’s primary point of contact with media vendors and is responsible for selecting, negotiating and purchasing media space on behalf of our client partners.

10 Random Things
  • I can cook quite well, but still order every meal for delivery.
  • I ride a motorcycle as primary transportation. Yes, even in the rain.
  • The only alcoholic beverages I actually enjoy are a nice Old Fashioned or dry red wine.
  • I’ve never even touched a Mac until coming to CNP. Microsoft forever!
  • I’m a huge gamer. If I am awake and not working, it’s a safe bet I’m gaming.
  • I once gambled at the same table as Dr. Strange after being roasted by Michael Che in Vegas.
  • I have built every non-laptop PC I have ever used. One day I’ll learn to build a laptop.
  • I try to order something new/different from every restaurant I go to; I have not tried many meals I don’t like.
  • I love learning, no matter the topic. If you need a partner for general knowledge trivia, I’m your guy.
  • Despite my tendency to stay indoors and explore far-fetched worlds in video games, I actually love most outdoor activities in real life too.